Informe de Competitividad, España pierde 4 puestos

Y la gente preocupada con lo del puño.

“Spain has dropped four ranks this year to reach 33rd place. Spain’s competitiveness performance continues to be boosted by the large market (13th) available to its national companies, strong technological adoption (29th in the technological readiness pillar), first-class infrastructure (22nd), and good-quality higher education and training (33rd). On a more negative note, its institutional environment (49th) could be strengthened to further buttress its economic potential. In addition, there has been a measurable weakening of the country’s macroeconomic stability since last year, dropping from 30th to 62nd place, with the government now running budget deficits and contributing to the already large debt burden. And the greatest area of concern remains the highly inflexible labor market (122nd), which discourages job creation, a matter of particular concern given the recently rising unemployment in the country—at 19 percent, it is the highest in the euro zone. It is especially interesting to note that the Spanish financial sector pillar has fallen 14 positions to rank 50th.This is interesting because Spain’s financial sector was praised by world leaders during the 2008 G-20 summit, right before the construction companies went bankrupt as a result of the explosion of the housing bubble, causing a sizeable hole in the balance sheets of its main financial institutions.”

Xavier Sala i Martin, exponiendo los puntos principales del informe. (Youtube – inglés)

Y un resumen en Español, que empieza con una mención a ¡España y su pérdida de puestos! (Youtube – español)

Y el informe por si quereis descargarlo

indice competitividad 0809_01


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